Cool Acoustics :: Innovation in Guitar Design

Welcome to Cool Acoustics, an acoustic guitar design and innovation project centred on the use of polymers (plastics) as a credible alternative to wood. As of November 2012, Cool Acoustics is undergoing a restructuring to reflect a change of ownership. This website will be updated in due course to reflect the changes.

> nov 2008 :: presentation at the hub, sleaford, uk
   Eddie Norman and Rob Armstrong discuss Cool Acoustics
> nov 2008 :: guitars made in britain exhibition, sleaford, uk
   audition a secret valentine guitar at this luthier showcase
> oct 2008 :: quick on the draw exhibition, edinburgh, uk
   cool acoustics features as a case study on the role of drawing
> oct 2008 :: buy a secret valentine acoustic guitar!
   secret valentine guitars can now be made to order
> nov 2007 :: secret valentine guitar and album launch
   cool acoustics unveils its yearlong collaborative project
> oct 2007 :: [re]design07 CONTAINS exhibition
   see the new armstrong/giltrap guitar in newcastle, uk
> oct 2007 :: secret valentine - new hybrid guitar and album
   gordon giltrap records album using cool acoustics guitar

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